Interface DFSchemaProvider.State

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface DFSchemaProvider.State
    The schema init step interface. All schema init steps implement this interface.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Gets the name of this step. For example "disconnected", "logged in" etc.
        The name of this schema init step.
      • getNextPhaseCommand

        java.lang.String getNextPhaseCommand()
        Gets the command text for the next step. This text is usually used as a button text, for example "Login", "Connect", etc.
        The next step command name.
      • getNextPhaseProgressName

        java.lang.String getNextPhaseProgressName()
        Gets the progress bar text for the next step. For example "Logging", "Connecting", etc.
        The next step progress bar text.
      • getOptions

        java.lang.Object getOptions()
        Gets the options bean for this step. The object returned from this method is treated as a javabean and should have a bean info and a customizer available.
        The options javabean or null.
      • getSchema

        DFSchema getSchema()
        Gets the IJC schema, if available. The final step in the schema init process should return the DFSchema that was created during the process. All other steps should return null. If the schema instance can't be created for any reason even the final schema init step can return null.
        The active IJC schema instance.
      • isInitial

        boolean isInitial()
        Determines whether this step is the initial step. The initial step is the first step in the schema init process.
        true if this step is the initial schema init step, false otherwise
      • isMandatory

        default boolean isMandatory()
        Tells if this step is mandatory. If the step is mandatory and not performed, next schema step cannot be done.
        true if this step is mandatory, false otherwise
      • requiresConfirmation

        default boolean requiresConfirmation()
        Tells if this step requires user confirmation. This is useful for steps that are not reversible.
        true if this step needs to be confirmed by a user (admin), false otherwise