Interface DFDataEditCapability

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    public interface DFDataEditCapability
    extends DFCapability
    This capability can be added to DFEntity or just to specific DFFields. When it's present user interface should reflect the status of selected object (e.g. disable/enable instert row action, etc.).

    This interface is or is going to be used for:

    • admin can prevent data in a specific column/table to be editable by normal users
    • entities based on DB VIEWs can prevent editing data using this capability
    • in the future IJC version this interface can be used partly for "fine grain security"

    If this capability is not present in entity or field it's supposed that everything is editable.

    Petr Hamernik
    • Method Detail

      • setOperationAllowed

        void setOperationAllowed​(DFDataEditCapability.Type type,
                                 boolean allowed,
        Sets new editable flag for the specified type of operation.
        type - Type of the operation
        allowed - Is this operation type allowed for thisDFItem
        env -
      • isOperationAllowed

        boolean isOperationAllowed​(DFDataEditCapability.Type type)
        Is a given type of operation allowed?
        type - The type of operation
        true if data can be modified using this operation