Interface DFSharedObjectOwnerCapability

    • Method Detail

      • setSharing

        void setSharing​( sharing,
        Change the sharing status of the object. If object's sharing status is going to be lowered, it means other users could still see it as it's part of their locally cached models. Once other user closes the connection and reload the model the object will not be there anymore. (depending if it's PUBLIC or SHARED).
        sharing - new sharing object
        env - environment
      • giveOwnershipTo

        void giveOwnershipTo​(java.lang.String user,
        Give ownership of the item to another user. This capability becomes invalid in the process.
        user - the new owner login
        env - environment
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      • isValid

        boolean isValid()
        The owner capability may be invalidated by passing the item ownership to another user. Once invalidated, this object never becomes valid again.
        whether the object is still valid