Interface IJCUserLoginServiceAdmin

    • Method Detail

      • getLockable getLockable()
        Get special lockable for this capability. It must be used when calling user security config methods from this interface
      • logoutUser

        void logoutUser​(java.lang.String username)
        Logout the specified user (means kill his connection).
        username -
      • getSecurityConfig

        DFServiceConfiguration getSecurityConfig()
        Get the security configuration. This can be edited to change the way users login and other aspects of security.
      • deleteSecurityConfig

        void deleteSecurityConfig​( env)
        Remove the security configuration and reset to the default
      • updateSecurityConfig

        void updateSecurityConfig​(DFServiceConfiguration config,
        Update the security configuration.
      • getSecurityConfigTemplates

        DFServiceConfiguration[] getSecurityConfigTemplates()
        Get the available templates for security configuration
      • authenticateUser

        @Secured("ROLE_ADMIN") authenticateUser​( token)
        Authenticate user with given authentication token. This method does not log in the user in the meaning of creating a record in IJC_USER table. This method is intended to be used from the server. The server is then responsible for managing its state of logged-in users.
        token - authentication token understood by one of authentication providers defined in current security configuration
        authenticated user
        Throws: - when the user can't be authenticated
      • addUserIfAbsent

        void addUserIfAbsent​(java.lang.String userName)
        Checks whether a record exists in IJC_USER table for the user identified by userName parameter and if the record doesn't exist new one will be inserted.
        userName - user name of user to be inserted to IJC_USER table
      • isUsingDbAuthentication

        boolean isUsingDbAuthentication()
        Checks if the user has set his security to be authenticated by DB login. The method was introduced due to Connect, which need to know this information.
        boolean if the user is or isn't using the DB authentication