Interface DFScript

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    DFItem, DFUserItem, PropertiesEditingConfigurable

    public interface DFScript
    extends DFUserItem
    Representation of the script. Script is a real script written in certain language that can be executed against either schema or data tree. Script is persisted in IJC_CUSTOM_ITEMS table and its specifics are stored in XML that is represented by ScriptXml. This custom info is stored in DATA column similarly as lists or queries. One difference to lists and queries is that script can be child of different DF item types. Right now we support schema and data tree. This parent is represented by DFScriptParent.
    Martin Adamek
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        static final java.lang.String FILE_ATTR_SCRIPT
        Attribute set in virtual FileObject for this script
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      • getScriptXml getScriptXml()
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        void setScriptXml​( scriptXml,