Interface DFFeedbackWithModalProgressDialog

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    public interface DFFeedbackWithModalProgressDialog
    This is a special extension of DFFeedback interface which allows to open modal progress dialog. The methods for opening/closing modal progress dialog are not possible to implement in all DFFeedback implementations (in some non-visual environment there are no dialogs).

    This interface allows time-consuming processes to decide about how progress should be presented. It's not guarantied that DFFeedback has this extension so you always needs to test it first before casting to this interface.

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      void closeModalProgressDialog()
      Close the modal dialog if it was previously opened.
      void openModalProgressDialog()
      Opens progress bar as a modal dialog.
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      • openModalProgressDialog

        void openModalProgressDialog()
        Opens progress bar as a modal dialog. In current IJC implentation this method doesn't open the dialog immediatelly but after some small delay. It's a prevention of showing the dialog for tasks running just a few miliseconds.
      • closeModalProgressDialog

        void closeModalProgressDialog()
        Close the modal dialog if it was previously opened. If the dialog is already closed then it does nothing.