Interface DFNewTypeWellKnownOptions.DBColumnInfo

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    public static interface DFNewTypeWellKnownOptions.DBColumnInfo
    extends DFNewTypeOptions
    This is just column info helper object which is used in new field options. It is extending DFNewTypeOptions just because of sharing methods for valid/error message and property changes.

    It is not supposed this class is used directly as options.

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        static final java.lang.String PROP_NATIVE_TYPE_DEFINITION
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        Constant Field Values
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      • getColumnName

        java.lang.String getColumnName()
      • setColumnName

        void setColumnName​(java.lang.String columnName)
      • getNativeTypeDefinition getNativeTypeDefinition()
      • setNativeTypeDefinition

        void setNativeTypeDefinition​( nativeTypeDef)
      • createNativeTypeDefinition createNativeTypeDefinition​(int jdbcType,
                                                                                   java.lang.String columnType,
                                                                                   int length,
                                                                                   int scale)
        Create a NativeType definition based on these attributes. It is assumed that the caller knows the column definition they want and it is correct for the underlying database. e.g. VARCHAR2(140), NUMBER(15.2)
        columnType - The type of column e.g "NUMBER"
        length - The length of the column (can be zero if column type does not have a length attribute.
        scale - The scale (precession) of the column (can be zero if column type does not have a scale attribute.
        The created NativeType.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the attributes are inappropriate for the database
      • getAllNativeTypeDefinitions[] getAllNativeTypeDefinitions()