Interface IJCPersister

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    public interface IJCPersister
    Definition of persisting IJC specific objects (DFItems, renderers, widgets, etc.) to XML.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        java.lang.Class<?> getType​(org.w3c.dom.Node n)
        The type of the bean to be deserialized
      • getQName

        javax.xml.namespace.QName getQName​(java.lang.Object bean)
        QName of the element to be created
      • isPrimitive

        boolean isPrimitive​(java.lang.Class<?> type)
        If true, the Factory is willing to write to an attribute
      • createWriter

        IJCPersister.Writer createWriter​(org.openide.util.Lookup context,
                                         java.lang.Object bean,
        Returns a writer instance for the bean.
      • getPersisterRegistry

        PersisterRegistry getPersisterRegistry()
        Get PersistentRegistry for creating child factories.
        persistent registry. If persistent registry is not set return PersistentRegistry.getDefault()
      • setPersisterRegistry

        void setPersisterRegistry​(PersisterRegistry persisterRegistry)
        Set PersistentRegistry for creating child factories.
        persisterRegistry - default persistent registry
      • createReader

        IJCPersister.Reader createReader​(org.openide.util.Lookup context,
                                         java.lang.Class<?> expectedType,
                                         org.w3c.dom.Node parent,
        Returns a reader instance for the parent and the prototype bean. Note that the prototype bean may be null.