NAME_StructureCheckWS=&Structure Checker WS
MSG_ErrorWhenCreatingField=Error when creating field: {0}
MSG_CreatingField=Creating field:  {0}

MSG_PreparingData=\nPhase 1/5: Preparing data
MSG_GeneratingSDF=\nPhase 2/5: Generating sdf
MSG_GeneratingSDF2=Processed {0} molecules out of {1}...
MSG_CallingWebService=\nPhase 3/5: Calling validation service
MSG_PreparingDataForSave=\nPhase 4/5: Parsing molecules validated by server
MSG_PreparingDataForSave2=Processed {0} molecules out of {1}...
MSG_SavingData=\nPhase 5/5: Saving molecules validated by server
MSG_RunningValidationWS=Validating the molecules
MSG_UpdatingData=Updating data with result from Web service
MSG_StructureCheck=Structure check
ERR_Network=Network error occurred (code={0}): {1}
ERR_WebServiceInternal=Structure checker web service error occurred (code={0}): {1}\nDetails: {2}
ERR_GenericIO=Input/Output error occurred in IJC: {0}
MSG_Done=\nValidation done.
MSG_Failed=\nValidation failed.
MSG_AddingNewField=Creating a new field: {0}
MSG_AddingNewFieldDone=New field {0} created.

# layer.xml localization
Actions/Help/APIExamples=IJC API Examples
Menu/Help/APIExamples=&IJC API Examples

MSG_Parse=Error while parsing SDF on server
MSG_Validation=Error while validating molecules on server
MSG_Generate=Error while generating SDF on server
MSG_Other=Unknown error on server