Interface DFList

  • All Superinterfaces:
    DFItem, DFUserItem, PropertiesEditingConfigurable

    public interface DFList
    extends DFUserItem
    List of values stored in the model. Usually the list contains values of Id Field, but can contain values of other field too. Currently integer and text fields are supported. getField() returns the field which is associated with this list.
    Petr Hamernik
    • Method Detail

      • getEntity

        DFEntity getEntity()
        Get the entity which this list belongs to.
        The owner list
      • getField

        DFField getField()
        Get the field associated with this list.
        The associated field
      • getValues

        java.util.List getValues()
        Get the current list of values. There is no specific type of items in the returned list, but current known implementations always returns list of Integers or Strings (depending of getField() type).
        The list of primary key values
      • getSize

        int getSize()
        Get the current number of values.
        The number of values.
      • setValues

        void setValues​(java.util.List values,
        Set new list of values for this list (for this list's field). You can use it if you want to modify this persistent list of values.
        values - New list of values.
        env - The environment with appropriate lock
      • getHandle

        DFItem.Handle<DFList> getHandle()
        Description copied from interface: DFItem
        Returns a handle to the Item. The handle uniquely identifies the Item, even though the schema data may be copied or otherwise replicated. Use the Handle instead of DFItem.getId() when registering an Item in collections that extend beyond the DFItem's parent Schema.
        Specified by:
        getHandle in interface DFItem
        The handle to the DFItem.