Class DFLists

  • public final class DFLists
    extends java.lang.Object
    Common utilities related to DFList.
    Petr Hamernik
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      static DFList createPermanentList​(java.lang.String listName, DFField field, java.util.List<?> values, env)
      Creates a new permanent list (DFList.
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      • createPermanentList

        public static DFList createPermanentList​(java.lang.String listName,
                                                 DFField field,
                                                 java.util.List<?> values,
        Creates a new permanent list (DFList. Permanent list is a list of values of DFField (typically a database column). Most common case is that list is created for ID field of the entity (DFEntity.getIdField().
        listName - Name for a new list
        field - The field associated with the list. The list contains values of this field (DB column). Currently integer and text field types are supported. It can be standard field (based on database column) or calculated (no DB column behind), but the latter type has some limitations (e.g. cannot be applied to (DFResultSet).
        values - Initial values of the list. Can be empty and can be modified later using DFList.setValues(java.util.List, method.
        env - The environment with the DDL schema lock (can obtained for example using DIFUtilities.getLockable(, boolean) (with true as the second parameter, because it's for creating a new list).
        Newly created list