Interface DFNewTypeWellKnownOptions.NewCTField

    • Method Detail

      • getFormula

        java.lang.String getFormula()
      • setFormula

        void setFormula​(java.lang.String formula)
        Set the formula for chemical terms field. The validation may run in background and the validation result isn't guaranteed to be known at the time this method returns.
        formula - chemical terms expression
      • setFormulaSync

        void setFormulaSync​(java.lang.String formula)
        Sets the formula synchronously. After this method returns, DFNewTypeOptions.isValid() and DFNewTypeOptions.getErrorMessage() will return correct values. If you create new field programatically, this method is probably more useful to you than setFormula.
        formula - chemical terms expression
      • getSupportedGenericTypes

        java.util.List<> getSupportedGenericTypes()
      • setGenericType

        void setGenericType​( type)
      • setGenericTypeSync

        void setGenericTypeSync​( type)
        Sets generic type of new field and waits for its validation. Should be set to the return type of formula.
        type -
        See Also:
      • getGenericType getGenericType()