Interface DFSearchDomain

  • public interface DFSearchDomain
    Search domain is a constraint when executing query in DFResultSet. This object is a wrapper for a List of values. Values are real data values of some integer or text field of the root entity in given datatree (by default it's ID field). If user executes query with some specific DFSearchDomain the result are only from this domain. In other words the result is intersection of the DB query execution result and the ids (values of specified field) provided by DFSearchDomain.

    The list of ids provided by DFSearchDomain is mutable, so it can change in time. The new values are obtained always just before the query is going to be executed.

    This object doesn't support listeners to 'values' property changes, because it's not required now, but it can be added later.

    Petr Hamernik
    • Field Detail

      • DEFAULT

        static final DFSearchDomain DEFAULT
        Default domain constant. This object represents whole database. If it's used in DFResultSet it means there are no constraints when running search. It doesn't provide any field (returns null).
    • Method Detail

      • getValues

        java.util.List getValues()
        Get list of ids - values of ID or other field. Do not cache these values, always ask for a new version just when you need it. The values can change and there is currently no listener support. Tell us if you need it.
        list of ids
      • getField

        DFField getField()
        Get the field for the domain. It should never return null except the case of DEFAULT.
        the field whose values are used in this search domain