Interface DFDataTree

    • Method Detail

      • getRootVertex

        DFDataTree.Vertex getRootVertex()
        The root vertex of this DFDataTree. Never return null as the root vertex is always defined.
      • getViews

        DFContainer<DFView> getViews()
        The container of DFViews which are based on this datatree. The Vertex object is immutable, it cannot be changed once it's created. Only new edges can be added.
      • getHandle

        DFItem.Handle<DFDataTree> getHandle()
        Description copied from interface: DFItem
        Returns a handle to the Item. The handle uniquely identifies the Item, even though the schema data may be copied or otherwise replicated. Use the Handle instead of DFItem.getId() when registering an Item in collections that extend beyond the DFItem's parent Schema.
        Specified by:
        getHandle in interface DFItem
        The handle to the DFItem.
      • getDefaultResultSet

        DFResultSet getDefaultResultSet​(boolean showAll,
        Get a default DFResultSet for the given DFDataTree. This method just delegates the call to DFSchemaDataProvider.getDefaultResultSet(DFDataTree, boolean, DFEnvironmentRO).
        showAll - If the result set is not initialized yet then: loads all rows if true otherwise default result set is returned empty. If result set was already created before then this param is ignored
        env - The environment
        The instance of result set for this datatree
      • getSchema

        DFSchema getSchema()
        Get owner of this datatree.
        Specified by:
        getSchema in interface DFScriptParent
        schema which owns this datatree