Interface DFQuery

    • Method Detail

      • getDataTree

        DFDataTree getDataTree()
        Get the owner datatree.
        Datatree which this query belongs to
      • getExpression

        DFTermExpression getExpression()
        Get the current expression of this query
        The expression
      • setExpression

        void setExpression​(DFTermExpression expression,
        Set new expression value.
        expression - New expression to be stored
        env - Environment with the appropriate lock
      • getHandle

        DFItem.Handle<DFQuery> getHandle()
        Description copied from interface: DFItem
        Returns a handle to the Item. The handle uniquely identifies the Item, even though the schema data may be copied or otherwise replicated. Use the Handle instead of DFItem.getId() when registering an Item in collections that extend beyond the DFItem's parent Schema.
        Specified by:
        getHandle in interface DFItem
        The handle to the DFItem.