Document to Database System Requirements


The server side consists of three components: the crawler, the database and the web server. For optimal performance these components are running on separate machines. However, if a simpler architecture is desired for evaluation purposes and limited usage is expected, they can be combined on a single or two machines with appropriate resources.

Software requirements, crawling server

  • OS: Linux preferred, Windows also OK

  • Java: Oracle JRE 1.6+

Software requirements, database server

  • Oracle 11g for the database with JChem Oracle Cartridge installed

Hardware requirements, crawling server

  • Depends mainly on the number and size of documents initial crawled and added or modified in each period

  • At least 4 cores are recommended

  • 4-8 GB RAM or more

  • 500 MB disk space for the application

Hardware requirements, database server

  • data storage disk space requirements highly depend on the number of structures, approximately 3-4 GB for 1 M structures

Software and Hardware requirements, web interface (server and client)

The web interface is provided by Plexus Connect. Please consult its requirements.