Manual Plus Signs

The Automatic Plus Signs in Single step Reactions option in Preferences dialog is OFF.

Using this setting, the Arrow/Reaction/Atom Map button has dual function: when you click on the canvas, it places a + sign, when you drag with it, it puts a reaction arrow.

To place a reaction arrow

To place a +

Reaction arrows snap every 7.5 degree. Pressing 'Shift' enables the free rotation of reaction arrows.

You can place reaction arrows/plus signs on the canvas at any time, even on a blank canvas.

The manually placed plus sign are movable, you can delete/move them any time.


You can align and/or distribute the objects of the reaction scheme by selecting the relevant option in Edit > Object menu.

The centers of the objects will be considered during the alignment/distribution of objects. Note that selected agent fragments and texts are moved together with the arrow while keeping the distance between them.

If there are more reaction arrows on the canvas (ie. more reactions, multistep reactions), content of the canvas is handled as graphical object.