Installing licenses

License file location

The license file should either be at the default location or in case of a custom location, the location should be configured to the license manager.

The default location is .chemaxon/license.cxl (Unix) or chemaxon\license.cxl (Windows) under the user's home directory.

From the 5.3.2 version license files can also be located at (.)chemaxon/licenses/*.cxl, the name of the license files can arbitrarily be changed.

On Unix systems - including most distributions of Linux - the home directory for each user takes the form /home/username (where username is the name of the user account). In newer versions of Microsoft Windows, based on the multi-user Windows NT, each user has a home directory which by default is located at C:\Users\username when using the English language version of the OS (with username again replaced by the particular user's login name).

In case of a web application (e.g. JSP pages) the license file should be placed on the server side, the user home is the home directory of the user that runs (owns) the web server.