How to use MarvinSpace features

Loading Molecules into MarvinSpace

MarvinSpace can open molecule files saved in any of the supported formats for viewing. Input structures can either replace molecules already loaded into MarvinSpace, or they can be added to exsiting structures.

Manipulating the visible objects

You can translate, rotate, or zoom in to or out from the molecules or other objects seen on the canvas with mouse drag. Note that these operations do not affect the 3D structure of the molecules, but the view angle and direction.

Display options

Various drawing and coloring modes are available in MarvinSpace. These can be set for either the entire scene, for classes of components (e.g. small molecules, proteins) or for selected entities. For further details follow this link.

Table view

MarvinSpace support table view by allowing the division of the drawing canvas into rectangular cells. Note that cells have uniform sizes and cells cannot be merged. Each cell can contain an arbitrary number and type of objects (e.g. small molecules, proteins structures, surfaces). Both the rows and the columns of the cells can be dynamically added to or removed from the current table. The manipulation of components displayed in cells can be done independently and also in a synchronized manner.