Tabs and actions in Staging

Currently three main tabs are provided in the staging area for easy managing assigned/unassigned submissions. The three predefined tabs are:

The tabs can be customized. New tabs based can be introduced (e.g. based on the Submitter), or tabs can be simply removed by the system administrator. The presence of the tabs in the Staging area can be controlled (filtered) by the logged in user, based on the role based access (groups with certain roles can have access or not to the tabs in the Staging).

All Submissions

  • This tab contains all entries in staging.

My staging

  • This tab contains those records in staging that are already opened by the user currently logged in but are still unregistered. When the staging area page is opened, the user is automatically redirected into My Staging.


  • This tab contains submissions that are not opened by any other users.

Actions in the Staging area

An Individual submission can be opened on the Submission page by simply clicking on its submission ID number in the table.
Individual and multiple submissions can be selected/deselected by ticking off the appropriate checkboxes or all submissions can be selected/deselected clicking the 'select all' checkbox available both on the top and the bottom.

Actions to be performed on the selected submission or submissions can be selected in the dropdown menu of the bottom left corner (Figure 1). The currently available actions are:

Bulk register selected items

The bulk register action opens up the selected sumbission(s) in a Submission page, which eventually enables autoregistration of multiple submissions.

Delete selected items

For authorized users, selected items can be deleted from the Staging area.

Assign selected items to a specific user

Opens a window, where that user can be selected, who the selected submission(s) will be allocated to.

Assign selected items to me

It allocates the selected submissions to the current user (consequently they become temporarily unavailable for other users) for further processing.

Unlock selected items

By choosing "Unlock selected items" submissions allocated to another user are released, so that it can be freely edited (i.e. without warning messages) by any other user. An unlock option is also available on the Submission page, where only the given submissions can be unlocked by the user who opened it up.

Once a submission from the staging area was accessed by a user, it will be opened on the Submission page. In the staging area the "Opened by" field will be populated for this submission with the name of the current user. If this submission will not be registered, or it will be just saved, in the Staging area the name of the user who last opened the submission will still be present in the "Opened by" field. There is a possibility to release or unlock those submissions, which were not registered (but they were opened) on the Submission page: click on the [More actions] menu, Unlock submission item. This way, the "Opened by" field in the Staging area will be empty, which would not stop other users to access the submission.

Export selected items

Selected submissions can be exported in an SD file.

Import submissions

Submissions can be imported from an SD file into the Staging area.

Please note that submissions selected in all the three tabs are submitted to the chosen procedure (not only those in the actual one).