ChemDraw sketch file (CDX, CDXML)

The cdx format of CambridgeSoft's ChemDraw is imported and exported by Marvin. The import of cdxml format is supported, but export isn't.


Supported features

  • Atom properties: Following properties are supported: charge, isotope, substituents, free sites, unsaturation, reaction stereo, enhanced stereochemistry, radical, ring bond count.

  • Element: The 'Element' type node is read as a single atom. For the supported properties see the supported Atom properties list.

  • Element List: Element Lists are read as Atom List (or not list). For the supported properties see the supported node properties list.

  • Label: Labels are converted to an S-group and imported in its contracted state.

  • Nickname: Nicknames are converted to an S-group and imported in its contracted state.

  • Bond types: Single bonds, double bonds, query bonds, topology, reaction centers are imported. See details.

  • Fragment

  • Generic Label: Generic Labels are read as Generic query atoms.

  • Attachment Points: Attachment Points are imported.

  • Reaction arrows: All types of arrows are imported, but only one arrow per file.

  • Bracketed groups: All groups are imported.

  • Alternative Group: Alternative Groups are read as R-groups, up to two connections per R-group.

  • Anonymous Alternative Group: An Anonymous Alternative Group is imported as R-group and is assigned the R-group number n+1 where n is the largest R-group number in the file.

  • R-logic

  • Link Node: Link Node is read as Link Node.

  • Variable Attachment and Multi-Center Attachment: These are imported as Multicenter S-groups.

  • Text Box: Marvin reads the position and the formatted text.

  • Basic Graphic Objects: Ellipses, rectangles and some of the symbols are read. See details.

  • Graphic Objects: Tables and TLC plate drawings are imported as graphics. See details.

  • Formatted text in atom labels: supported since 6.2.0.

Codename: cdx, cdxml

Extension: .cdx, .cdxml

Not supported features:

  • ElementListNickname

  • ElectronFlow arrow

  • Complex graphical objects (e.g. laboratory equipment drawings, biological drawings)


  • Only ASCII characters are imported.

  • R-logic import is supported, export not yet.


Supported features