Frequently Asked Questions

Function does not work

  • Question: When I select the menu XXX or press button YYY in the applet, I get an error message.
    When I click the "Stack Trace" button, it shows a ClassNotFoundException, ClassFormatError, IncompatibleClassChangeError or something similar.
    Is it my fault (1), a Marvin installation problem (2) or a browser bug (3)?

  • Answer: These are all possibilities.

    1. If jchem.jar, MarvinBeans.jar or some other JAR file containing Marvin classes is in your CLASSPATH, then it can interfere with the applet.
      Please remove them from the CLASSPATH. Additional libraries such as Marvin should only be specified in a local CLASSPATH inside a script or a Makefile, but not in the global one that is also seen by the web browser.

    2. Marvin might be installed improperly, mixing the new files with an older installation.
      If this is the case, then remove all files and reinstall it again.

    3. There might also be a cache problem with your web browser.
      In Netscape, you can reload all classes with Shift+Reload. If you still have the bug, then try to clear the cache with Edit -> Preferences > Advanced -> Cache and restart the browser.

Other bugs

  • Q: How can I report a Marvin bug?

    A: Post a comment to the Marvin section of ChemAxon Technical forum by describing the circumstances:

    1. What happened, and what did you exactly do before it happened.

    2. The Stack Trace.
      If an error window is popped up, please press "Stack Trace" and send its full contents to us. If you have no error window, then please send the full contents of the Java Console (in Netscape: Communicator/Tools/Java Console).

    3. The http address if you found the bug on an internet web page, otherwise please send us the full page.

    4. Which applet? (MarvinView or MarvinSketch)

    5. Marvin version (see Help/About).