List of the available toolbar commands

Use Large Icons

When checked, all toolbar buttons have 24x24 pixel sized icons, otherwise the 16x16 pixel versions. By default the large icons are used.


Creates a new toolbar and places it north to the first row having some space on the right-hand side.

Toolbar > Rename

Renaming a toolbar in an appearing dialog.

Toolbar > Delete

Removes a toolbar with all of its contents.

Toolbar > Icons Only

The buttons contained by this toolbar will be shown by icon only. Those commands that does not have a corresponding icon defined will be shown by text in this case too.

Toolbar > Text Only

The buttons contained by this toolbar will be shown by text only.

Toolbar > Icons & Text

Icon and text will also be shown for the buttons contained by this toolbar. The text is appearing below the icon.

List of the available toolbar contents commands


Makes the Add Commands dialog visible, where you can browse all available commands of MarvinSketch. The commands are organized to Categories, and are listed in alphabetical order.

Move Up/Down

Moves a toolbar element by one position in the container toolbar.

Modify > Rename

Renames an element. You can also change the mnemonics by replacing the & sign in the name.

Modify > Delete

Removes the element or separator.

Modify > Begin a Group

Adds a toolbar separator after the currently selected element.