Plexus Analysis FAQ

What is Plexus Analysis?

Plexus Analysis is a web-based data visualization and analytics software.

How can I try Plexus Analysis?

Please, visit to try Plexus Analysis online. Alternatively, you can log in to the Plexus Connect demo site at, and navigate to Plexus Analysis from there as well.

Which licenses do I need?

You will need the Plexus Analysis license to run the application. If you want to integrate Analysis with Plexus Connect, you will need the Plexus Connect license as well.
In order to use further features available in Plexus Suite such as virtual library enumeration, you will need to purchase the license of other Plexus Suite tools, like Plexus Design.

What types of files can I import into Plexus Analysis?

Plexus Analysis currently supports SDfile, MRV and SMILES formats as well as tab-separated text files. Please visit this page for further details.

What kind of other data sources can I use to analyze my data?

You can send data from a database in Plexus Connect to Plexus Analysis.

Is it possible to integrate Plexus Analysis with our in-house database system?

Plexus Analysis can be called from other systems by its web service interface.

As and administrator, can I limit how much data can be imported into Plexus Analysis?

Yes, it is possible to set a limit for the data size imported into a single table, and for the total amount of data as well in a configuration file to protect server resources.

What types of visualization are supported?

Plexus Analysis currently supports histograms and scatter plots.

How many dimensions are supported by a scatter plot?

Plexus Analysis scatter plots support a maximum of five dimensions: you can assign a variable to the X- and Y-axis as well as to the color, shape and size of the data points.

What kind of coloring can I use in a scatter plot?

If you assigned a numeric field to the coloring of the points and it has more than six different values, gradient coloring will be applied automatically. If the assigned numeric or categorical field has no more than six different values then categorical coloring will be applied.

How much data can I visualize and manipulate in a chart?

Plexus Analysis has been designed in a way to enable working with very large data sets dynamically, even with several millions of data points.

I selected a new file to import, but then nothing happened. What can I do?

Please check that pop-up windows are not blocked in your browser. Plexus Analysis opens in a new browser tab when a new file is imported, but you have to allow pop-ups in your browser for that. More information about allowing pop-ups in various browsers can be found in the following places: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari.

I selected the data to import from Plexus Connect, but then I got an error message. What can I do?

Please check that the URL where Plexus Analysis is deployed has been specified correctly when the Plexus Connect Server was started. You can find more details in the Installation Guide.

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