Basic examples

  1. Embedding MarvinSketch applet in HTML pages
    The basic ways of creating Marvin Applets and embedding them in HTML pages.

  2. Setting canvas colors
    The color of the canvas can optionally be modified by applet parameters.

  3. Specify a custom splash screen image
    Specify a custom splash screen image to the MarvinSketch Applet.

  4. Show all implicit Hydrogen atoms
    How to remove explicit hydrogen atoms and show all implicit hydrogen atoms in applets.

  5. Structure templates
    Handling of custom and built-in template groups.

  6. Abbreviated groups
    Replacing the built-in abbreviated group collection with a custom one.

  7. GUI customization
    The Graphical User Interface is customized to use the ISIS/Draw-like configuration.

  8. GUI customization with serialized config file
    Read configuration of customized GUI from serialized config file.

  9. Preload of modules in MarvinSketch
    Certain modules are loaded in advance.

  10. Loading reaction query drawing module in advance
    Optimize MarvinSketch initalization for reaction query drawing.