Calculator Plugins Licensing

The earlier licensing system for the Calculator Plugins has been recently modified. You can find information on the new licensing system here.

The licensing system

The new licensing system consists of 6 different licenses. The new licenses and the calculations that they cover are the following:

  • Structural Calculations: Charge, Conformer, Geometry, Hückel, Refractivity, Hydrogen Bond Donor/Acceptor (HBDA), Structural Frameworks calculations

  • Protonation: pKa, Major Microspecies, Isoelectric Point calculations

  • Partitioning: logP, logD, HLB calculations

  • Isomers: Tautomerization, Stereoisomers, Resonance calculations

  • Solubility: Solubility Predictor

  • NMR: NMR Predictor

Calculation Pack and All Plugin license

The Calculations Pack and All Plugin licenses are not available anymore for purchase.

Users who have the Calculations Pack licenses and would like to renew them can choose any 3 of the new licenses above.

Users who have the All Plugin licenses and would like to renew them get all new licenses.

About the Structural Calculations license

The Structural Calculations license covers a wide selection of structural calculations grouped together from our earlier set of calculations. However, they can't be purchased separately.

About the Structural Calculations license

The Charge group contains the Charge Distribution, Polarizability and Orbital Electronegativity calculations.

The Conformer group contains the Conformers, Molecular Dynamics and Flexible 3D Alignment calculations.

The Geometry group contains the Topology Analysis, Geometry, 2D Topological Surface Area (FREE), 3D Molecular Surface Area calculations.