Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

Chemical elements are available as buttons on the Periodic Table panel of MarvinSketch.
Atom buttons are arranged according to the standard periodic table layout.
When the mouse cursor is over a specific atom button, the information panel displays the name of the atom, the atomic number, mass, electronegativity and the oxidation states.
When one of the atom buttons is pressed, the corresponding atom can be placed on the canvas. The atom symbol appears under the mouse cursor, while the button is highlighted in this case.

The Atom List and NOT List buttons can be used to create special atom lists that can be used in queries.

When one of these buttons is pressed, atoms can be added to the list by pressing atom buttons one after the other.

The lists are not cleared when the list buttons become unselected. The atoms of the list are also shown under the mouse cursor above the canvas.

See Query Guide for more details about atom lists and not lists.

Four different coloring schemas can be chosen:

  1. CPK: colors the atoms according to the Corey-Pauling-Kultun coloring scheme

  2. Standard state: colors according to the standard state of the element (gas, liquid, solid)

  3. Blocks: colors elements according to the highest-energy electron's orbital (s-, p-, d- or f-block)

  4. Metals/Nonmetals: colors according to the metallic character of the elements (alkali, alkaline earth, metalloid, transition metal, other metal, nonmetal)