The following validation steps are performed during the autoregistration process:

  • User ID validation (at login)

  • Source validation

    If the source validation is on, but the given source doesn't exist in the DB, the submission will fall to the Staging area, from where it will be possible to register it, even without being able to change it.

  • External ID (e.g. LnbRef, Lot ID) validation (check for the uniqueness of the IDs):

The format of the LnbRef can be customized (see Validation Rules) and it is validated during the registration process. A valid LnbRef format can be e.g. A12345 (a one character string followed by 2-11 digit number) but any other format is accepted if it can be described by a set of regular expressions.

The LnbRef can be modified after the registration, but the attached Lot ID cannot.

A valid Lot ID can be any positive integer number with a maximum of approximately 2×10^10. Zero, empty field or numbers followed by text are not considered valid Lot IDs, and therefore cannot be accepted. In these cases warning messages are displayed in red below the fields, like: "Please enter a positive value." If the registration process is started in spite of the first warning message, another message will be received:

Depending on how the "Reject id duplication" system switch is configured (for each source), the submission is either rejected (and therefore will not be present in the Staging area) or it will fall to the Staging area with "LnbRefDuplicated" or "LotIdDuplicated" status messages.

  • The scale of salt and solvate multiplicity
    Currently the default settings are 0 for the salt and 1 for the solvate multiplicity scale.

  • The check for a positive charge
    Structures having a positive charge cannot be registered, they will fall to the Staging area for more attention. For more details check the Submission correction page.

  • The check for the maximum number of components in case of mixtures
    For the maximum allowed components a number can be set in case of mixtures. If this number is exceeded, the compound to be registered will fall to the Staging area to be corrected.

Further validation options can be configured using the source dependent system switchers. For more informations about the system switchers, please consult the Compound Registration Configuration Guide Validation Rules. E.g. when a given source is used, and the structure is not passing the check, the submission can be either:

  • autofixed and autoregistered

    Click here for an example

    e.g. chiral molecules with absolute configuration will be registered with an attached "Absolute" flag.

  • or sent to the Staging area with different types of "StructureCheckerError". These submissions can be fixed on the Submission correction page by selecting the appropriate fixer from the list.

    Click here for an example

    e.g. when trying to register a structure having a crossed double bond using source "ELNB", it will fall to Staging.

    Then on the Submission page, the "convert to single bond" fix can be selected before the manual registering it.