Marvin JS Installation and System Requirements

Software requirement

Marvin JS is a web based editor. Please, upload it to a web server and refer to its URL in your browser.

Server side

  • Web server

Please, consider that JChem Webservices (under version 15.10.26 ) requires Standardizer licence for the auto mapper functionality. From version 15.10.26 this web service is available with Marvin JS license.

Client side

License requirement

Marvin JS requires Marvin JS license. Consult with the sales team where you have to place the license file where your copy of Marvin JS package can access.

Please, take care that JChem Webservices requires a separate license. Thus, you also setup a JChem Webservices for your site, you need JChem Webservices license too. Consult with its manual how to setup its license.


Deploy Marvin JS

Download the Marvin JS zip package from the ChemAxon site.

Deploy Marvin JS into an Apache Tomcat Container

JChem Webservice requires a servlet container like Apache Tomcat. If you would like to install both Marvin JS and JChem Webservices, it worths to install both of them into the Tomcat Container. In this case, the web root can be an ideal place where you can deploy Marvin JS:

  • Navigate into the webapps folder of Tomcat and enter its ROOT subdirectory.

  • Create a new folder in this directory (e.g. marvinjs).

  • Extract the Marvin JS zip file into this new directory.

Deploy Marvin JS under any web server

Extract the zip file into a new empty directory (e.g. marvinjs) and deploy it under your web server.
(Consult with the manual of the server or its administrator how to deploy new content there.)

Install web services for Marvin JS

If you need extended functionalities, ChemAxon JChem Webservices is required.

Marvin JS can communicate with other web service implementations that are compatible with the ChemAxon provided version. See the required web service specifications

  • Download ChemAxon JChem Webservices (v14.7.21 or above).

  • Install the required web services under the same domain as the web server hosts.
    Please consult with the appropriate installation guide of JChem Webservices. You can find the download link for the recommended webservice version on the Marvin JS download site.

  • Marvin JS searches web services on the following URL: /webservices2.
    If your web service copy is available on a different URL, please, modify settings in Marvin JS.

    • Modify web service location in the webservices.js file, which you can find in the root of the Marvin JS package.

Note: If web services and Marvin JS are located on different domains, the browser can block the access of web services at runtime since the request may harm the same origin policy of the browser.

Try the deployed version

Open examples of Marvin JS package from your web server in your browser to check whether the deployment was successful:

http://<web server url>/<marvinjs directory path>/examples/