Visualization, loading molecules

  1. Loading a molecule in visualization mode, using magnification
    Starting the applet in visualization (view only) mode i.e. the editing buttons cannot be seen.

  2. Working with inline, compressed molfiles
    Inline, compressed molfiles can decrease the download time of applets.

  3. Triggering molfile download from JavaScript, naming the applet
    Loading a molecule by pressing a HTML button.

  4. Import/export functionalities

    1. Import/export of built-in and user defined molecule formats in JavaScript
      Introducing molecule import/export with JavaScript using several molecular formats and HTML buttons.

    2. Import/export of image formats in JavaScript
      Introducing image export with JavaScript using several image formats and HTML buttons.

  5. Pure visualization mode I
    Opening/closing MarvinSketch window by clicking on the image of the molecule.

  6. Pure visualization mode II
    Starting with a detached MarvinSketch window.

  7. Visualizing 3D structures
    How to convert the input structure to 3D.

  8. Resizeable sketcher