• Click on the black triangle on the lower right corner of the Rectangle Selection combo button to see the options of Selection.

    • images/download/attachments/44667234/image2015-2-6_12_30_40.png Rectangle selection : Provides easy selection when the fragments can be drawn around with a rectangle. Hold the mouse button down while selecting; release the mouse when you are ready.

    • images/download/thumbnails/44667234/image2015-2-6_12_30_59.png Freehand Selection : Push down the mouse button and move the mouse pointer around the fragment you would like to select then release the mouse button.

  • To select an atom, bond or group, click or select it (with active Rectangle Selection or Freehand Selection tool).

  • To select a structure you can double-click on one atom or a bond of it in Selection ( Rectangle or Freehand) mode.

  • To unselect, click on an empty place on the canvas.

Move on the canvas

    • One atom, or bond:

      • Drag it on the canvas while one of the Selection tools is active.

    • A selection

      • After selection (double click or selection by tool), move the molecule by dragging one of its atom. (See details here.)

      • After selection, drag the graphical object by its line.


  • To delete an atom or a bond click the Delete button images/download/attachments/44667173/Delete.png on the Tools toolbar then click on the atom or bond, or by dragging you can select the structure you would like to erase.

  • You can delete a previously selected area by clicking on the Delete button images/download/attachments/44667173/Delete.png or by pressing the Delete keyboard button.