Excel Sheet Generation Using Marvin Beans

The following example is a JSP page which generates an Excel Sheet with Marvin generated structure images and structure data.

To run the examples, please follow the next steps:

  • Install MS Excel 2000 or higher version.

  • Install Tomcat. (of course the examples also run under other servlet servers.)

  • Copy all jar files (files with .jar extension) of the Marvin Beans or JChem package under Tomcat's lib directory.

  • Create the marvin directory under Tomcat's webapps/examples/jsp/marvin

  • Copy the generate_image.jsp file from the examples/image-generation directory and the molsheet.jsp file from the examples/excelsheet-generation directory of Marvin Beans to Tomcat's webapps/examples/jsp/marvin/ directory.

  • Start Tomcat

  • Open:

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