R groups

R-groups (also referred to as "substituent variation") are the most widely known Markush generic features. The variable part of the structure is denoted by an R-atom (eg. R1), and the definitions are given separately. In each definition the connection points must be defined to show where the bonds of the R-atom are linked. R-atoms can appear in both rings and chains, and can have one or more than one attachments point. The same R-atom can appear multiple times, and the different occurrences are handled as different cases. (So they can be substituted with different definitions.) R-group nesting in R-group definitions is allowed to any depth, but without recursion. (An R-group definition cannot use the R-atom it is defining, not even through the use of other embedding R-atom(s).) R-groups up to number R32767 can be used.


Example Markush library member



R-group drawing in Marvin Sketch is described in the Marvin Sketch User's Guide.