Start to draw

  • Place an atom on the canvas by selecting one from the Atoms toolbar (or simply typig its chemical symbol) and click on the canvas where you want to put it.

  • To draw a bond click the Bonds images/download/attachments/44667480/bonds.png button on the Tools toolbar, select one from the drop-down list and drag on the canvas from an atom to another atom or to an empty place.

  • Changing a bond type is possible by different, easy ways:

    • select another bond type from the Bonds tool and click on the bond to be changed,

    • from the contextual menu: right click on the bond and choose another bond Type,

    • move the mouse over the bond and type a keyboard shortcut (0...7).

  • Draw a chain by clicking on the Chain images/download/attachments/44667480/chain24.png button on the Tools toolbar and drag on the canvas.

  • Place a template on the canvas by selecting a template on the Advanced Templates toolbar and click on the canvas. The template can be rotated by dragging until you release the left mouse button.

  • To increase or decrease a charge, select images/download/attachments/44667480/charge-plus24.png or images/download/attachments/44667480/charge-minus24.png on the Tools toolbar and click on the atom, or move the cursor over the atom and type + or -.