Next to the structure editor you can find the real-time structure checker panel. In order to receive a real-time structure checking you need to click on the structure area. By changing the structure, the structure checking is rerun again.


On the other hand, structure checkers and fixers tools are also available. When some structural patterns are recognized, automatic fixes are provided, which can be useful in complex structure modification issues (e.g. proper stereochemistry representation). Besides the default ChemAxon structure checkers, additional custom checkers can be defined during the deployment of the system. Several fixers can be associated to a given structure checker in order to provide different ways of dealing with a structural problem.

Depending on how the source is configured, a structure can be autoregistered with or without the corrected (wiggly double bond) structure or it can fall to the Staging area with StructureCheckerError status message. On the Submission page we can set the fixer associated to the "Wiggly Bond Checker" to "Convert to Single bond". The fixed structure can be saved as a submission or even sent for registration.