TextField Widget


The TextField is the Widget that will probably be used most frequently. It is a simple Widget that just displays its value as a text field. It can be used for text, numbers, and pretty well anything that needs to be displayed as a single line of characters. Renderers specific for the particular Field type control formatting e.g. number of decimal places for decimal numbers. Other options include setting the font and alignment options. It has this icon in the form builder design mode toolbar: ( images/download/attachments/48072293/textfield.png )

The examples below show 3 TextField Widgets, bound to a Text, Decimal and Integer Field from left to right.


A TextField Widget can only be used to display a value from a single Field. The Field name is displayed as the default title in the border.


Text widgets can also be used to display URLs as hyperlinks, allowing a URL to be "clicked" and opened in an external application such as a web browser or Acrobat. The application that is opened is determined by the operating system (e.g. your default browser will be used for HTML documents, or Adobe Acrobat might be opened for PDF documents). Consult your operating system documentation for how to specify this. As the mouse enters the widget the URL becomes a clickable hyperlink and will be opened in the appropriate application.

This is most useful for URL fields (static or dynamic) where the content of the URL is either not supported by the Browser Widget, or is too big or complex to display within a Browser Widget.


To edit the settings in Design mode double click on the Widget and the settings editor will open. In either mode select the widget by single clicking on it and then click on the Widget Settings icon ( images/download/attachments/48072293/IJCWidgetProperties.png ) in the Form toolbar. Or alternatively right click on the widget and select Customize Widget Settings item.

Colour customisation

You can also permanently change background and foreground(text) colours. Enjoy this nice feature, it's available since IJC 5.8.

Editing values

To edit a value in a TextField Widget in Browse mode double click in the main area of the Widget (where the value is displayed) and the widget switches to edit mode. Make your changes and hit the 'Return' key to commit the change. Hit the 'ESC' key to cancel the editing.

Query mode

In query mode you specify values by typing the operator and the term into the text field. e.g. '< 500' or '= active'. The operator can also be specified or changed using the right click popup menu.