How to navigate in multipage documents

The navigation status bar and the items in the View > Pages menu are available only if the Multipage document checkbox is set in File>Multipage Settings dialog box.

The status bar contains information about the current page number in a text field and the number of all pages on a label.

It also contains a collection of buttons to aid your quick navigation in the document. You can go the first images/download/attachments/48075892/first24.png , previous images/download/attachments/48075892/previous24.png , next images/download/attachments/48075892/next24.png , and last images/download/attachments/48075892/last24.png page using them.

Alternatively, you can go directly to a specific page by entering a number in the current page field and pressing enter.

All the navigation possibilities: go to first, previous, next, last, specific pages are available from the View > Pages menu as well.

In addition, some automatic page zooming functions are also available in this menu, such as:

  • View > Pages > Fit page height images/download/attachments/48075892/fit-height24.png adjusts the height of the current page to the height of the canvas.

  • View > Pages > Fit page width images/download/attachments/48075892/fit-width24.png adjusts the width of the current page to the width of the canvas.

  • View > Pages > Fit page images/download/attachments/48075892/fit-page24.png adjusts the height and/or the width of the current page to see the whole page, and places it centralized within the canvas.