ISIS/Draw sketch file (SKC)

The SKC format of ISIS/Draw is imported and exported by Marvin. Most properties of atoms, bonds, groups (R-group and S-groups), query structures and reactions are supported.

Export and Import

The main features:

  • Chemical structures (atom properties, labels, bond types)

  • Formatted text

  • R-groups

  • S-groups

  • Atom and bond query properties

  • Graphical objects (rectangle, ellipse, graphical brackets)

  • Reactions

Read the detailed import and export list.

Codename: skc

Extension: .skc


  • Some graphical object or objects properties are not available in Marvin (e.g. graphics arc, line style of graphical objects and underlined text).

  • Graphical brackets are not supported by ISIS/Draw, thus all brackets are imported as S-groups.