Stereo Analyzer

Specific structure checkers, analyzers for "stereocenters" and "stereo double bonds" can run on the structure from the structure editor . To be able to run the analyzer, you need to click on the structure area. T he result of the analyzers are displayed below the structure with b old and blue.


Once you click on the blue result, the part of the structure involved in the analysis will be highlighted (light green) in the structure editor. By this, the fixer options for the selected checker will appear. A fixer can be selected, then it can be applied.

Fixer example: converting a cross double bond to unknown double bond

before applying the fixer

after applying the fixer



After applying a fixer, the structure can be simply registered with the current state, in which case just click on the [Register] button. Or, the submission can be saved, in order to be registered later.