Simply select your drawing, or any part of it and copy it to clipboard (Ctrl+c). The selection can be pasted into any OLE-capable application, like Microsoft Office Family (if OLE support is enabled).

This feature also works in a reversed way: select an embedded Marvin OLE document from your Excel Sheet or Word Document, copy to the clipboard (Ctrl+c), then use the paste function (Ctrl+v) at your MarvinSketch to retrieve the structure.

IF OLE copy does not work for you, please check the followings:

  • Make sure JChem_NET_API is installed on your machine. (If you open Add/Remove Programs section in Control Panel, you can check easily whether the required component is in the list.

  • Open the C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\Shared\MarvinOLE folder to check whether MarvinOLEserver.exe is there.

  • Check whether the OLE copy option is enabled in the Copy As dialog in the Edit menu of Marvin. If not, OLE server is not registered. Uninstalling and reinstalling JChem_NET_API can help in this case.