Reactor History of Changes

August 31st, 2015: Reactor 15.8.31


  • Reactor desktop application now uses the native look and feel of the operating system.

June 22nd, 2015: Reactor 15.6.22


  • Behavior of the --single Reactor option has been fixed/improved [forum topic].

  • Removed --use-cache, --allow-duplicates, and --remove-duplicate-refs options from Reactor CLI.

November 3rd, 2014: Reactor 14.11.3


  • Reactor started enhanced stereo group numbering from 2 [bug report]

July 21th, 2014: Reactor 14.7.21

New features and Improvements

  • Product standardization was removed from Reactor application, react command line application, and Reactor Java API

Please visit this page for History of changes relating older JChem versions.