MarvinView Applet Examples

Viewing a molecule

Embedding MarvinView applet in HTML pages

The basic ways of creating Marvin Applets and embedding them in HTML pages

Molecule tables

Loading molecules from an SD file to a molecule table

The simplest way of visualizing multi-molecule files in tabular format.

Editing the structures of the molecule table with MarvinSketch

Altering the structures of the molecule table with MarvinSketch, and transferring them back to the table.

Creating an advanced molecule table

Individual setting of the contents of each cells.

Adding advanced components to molecule tables

Placing labels, images in the table as additional components beside the molecules.

Fine-tuning the layout

Polishing the layout of the advanced components (labels, images) inside the cells.

JavaScripting, CGI scripting using buttons and checkboxes

Some more advanced components to place in the cells beside the molecules: buttons and checkboxes that trigger events.

Configuring MarvinView

Compression, color, magnification, atom size, hydrogen labels

Customizing some of the basic display settings.

Background colors, 3D, rotation

Setting up a molecule table in 3D view using automated rotation.

3D Viewer setting

The 3D settings, automatic rotation and related options in focus.

XYZ animations

Creating a table where 3D motion of molecules is simulated and the animation of the cells is synchronized.Display stereo configurations

Display stereo configurations

Demonstrating options to visualize chirality and E/Z isomer information of molecules.

Manipulating table contents

Editable table

Using JavaScript to retrieve data to and from the applet.

Atom coloring

Highlighting a subset of atoms with a custom color.

Coloring atom and bond sets

Highlighting pre-defined sets of atoms and/or bonds using JavaScript.

Japanese character support

Japanese character support

East-Asian character support demonstrated by direct usage of Japanese characters as parameter values.

Listening for events in applets

Listening for events in applets

Handling PropertyChange and MouseEvent events fired by the applets.

Molecular property calculations

Molecular property calculations with Chemical Terms

Accessing and evaluating chemicalterms expressions using JavaScript.