MarvinSketch Applet Examples

Basic examples

  • Embedding MarvinSketch applet in HTML pages

  • Setting canvas colors

  • Specify a custom splash screen image

  • Show all implicit Hydrogen atoms

  • Structure templates

  • Abbreviated groups

  • GUI customization.

  • GUI customization with serialized config file

  • Preload of modules in MarvinSketch

  • Loading reaction query drawing module in advance

Query atoms, extra bond types, disabling elements

Visualization, loading molecules

  • Loading a molecule in visualization mode, using magnification

  • Working with inline, compressed molfiles

  • Triggering molfile download from JavaScript, naming the applet

  • Import/export functionalities

    • Import/export of built-in and user defined molecule formats in JavaScript

    • Import/export of image formats in JavaScript

  • Pure visualization mode I

  • Pure visualization mode II

  • Visualizing 3D structures

  • Resizeable sketcher

Molecular property calculations

  • Molecular property calculations with Chemical Terms

  • Calculating molecular properties on the fly

Examples to retrieve structures

  • Retrieving a structure

Case studies - composite real-life examples

  • Student examination

  • Molecule transfer