April 15th, 2016: Compliance Checker 1.0

First released version

User features

  • Single Check

    • Enter structure using Text input field (names, CAS#, SMILES, InChI, or any text based structure file format, like MOL, MRV)

    • Automatic rendering of structure based on the Text input field

    • Draw a structure using Marvin JS

    • Select from predefined countries to check against (the default countries include the corresponding international regulations as well)

    • Select from level(s) to check against (defined by the administrator)

    • Selecting fields displayed in the report (dynamic on/off in the display)

    • Generate report (PDF, HTML, XLSX, SDF, MRV)

  • Batch check

    • Upload files (any structure file format that Marvin can understand, like SDF, MRV, SMILES, names, CAS#s, InChI, etc.)

    • Select countries to check against

    • Select predefined level(s) to check against

    • Result summary

    • Generate reports (PDF, HTML, XLSX, SDF, MRV)

    • History

Admin features

  • Manual update, without the need of restarting the service (the old DB service runs for any call before the new DB becomes available after upload)

  • Service monitors

  • Check Level Admin GUI (to define new levels by adding categories, countries or other levels, or cloning countries or levels)

Authentication/authorization features:

  • Multiple AD domains support

  • Group mapping (external to internal)

Integration API

  • Get and Post single structures and list of structures, optionally specifying countries/levels to check against.

  • Batch check and reporting API (currently not yet public; I can send you a link upon request)