August 5th, 2014: Marvin

No changes.

August 11th, 2014: Marvin

New features and improvements

  • MarvinSketch

    • The default MSketch window size has been increased.


  • Structure Representation

    • Ortho-periodic acid was not accepted by valence check.

  • Image I/O

    • Exported .png files could not be imported because the source was not attached to the png metadata.

  • Editor

    • "Absolute" label disappeared when Data was attached.

    • Numbers in abbreviated groups were not displayed as subscripts.

  • MarvinView

    • MarvinView printed an "a" on the console when it had been launched.

August 19th, 2014: Marvin

New features and improvements

  • Structure Representation

    • Standalone ions are moved close to their counterion during Clean 2D.

    • Generated names (IUPAC/traditional) of compounds can be copied to a text editor using CTRL+C name box option


  • Structure Representation

    • End point of multicenter coordinated bond was moved out of the structure during 2 dimensional clean.

    • Decimal point was displayed at a wrong place and its relative place changed by zooming.

    • Dots representing electrons were displayed too far from the atom.

    • E/Z labels overlapped bonds.

    • Bonds were rendered incorrectly in "Ball and Stick" mode.

  • Image I/O

    • Position of atom labels was not correct in exported images.

  • MarvinSketch GUI

    • New template files could not be added to the default template.

August 26th, 2014: Marvin

New Features and Improvements

  • API

Class chemaxon.struc.Sgroup.MulticenterSgroup is now public.


  • Applet

Applet parameter "extraBonds" disabled the chain tool if the "Any bond" parameter was not set.