How to Use MarvinView Features

Editing Molecules

Manipulating the Molecule

How to Work with Multipage Molecular Documents

Structure Display Options

MarvinVew is a chemical viewer capable of handling thousands of chemical structures, queries, reactions and data associated with them. The main features are listed below:

  • Import and Export : MarvinView supports an exceptionally wide variety of file formats for importing your molecules, as well as for exporting them either as structures or as images.

Importing image files requires OSRA (Optical Structure Recognition Application) installed on your computer.

  • Editing Molecules : Although MarvinView is a chemical viewer, it still offers a limited list of editing features as well.

  • Structure Display Options : MarvinView has a wide range of options for changing the display of molecules, such as colors, font sizes and types, display of atoms and bonds, implicit hydrogens...

  • Manipulating the Molecules : The transformation tools of MarvinView include dragging, rotating, zooming etc.

  • Multipage Molecular Documents : Large drawings can be divided into pages and additional tools are offered to help navigating in these multipage documents.