Plexus Suite User Guide

Plexus Suite consists of various tools, so that each of these tools covers an integral part of the discovery process of new compounds (such as design of new drugs, agrochemicals, flavor or fragrance compounds, petrochemicals...). The image below introduces the main Plexus solutions and the feature sets covered by them:

Plexus Connect

Plexus Connect is the major display and query tool in Plexus Suite. It provides multi-user web access to data managed in Instant JChem (IJC). In Connect, you can browse, sort, and search chemical structures and alphanumeric data; build and save queries and search hits as lists. It incorporates ChemAxon’s industry-leading chemistry capabilities and accommodates a common platform for all parts of the Plexus Suite.

Plexus Connect features:

Plexus Design

Plexus Design integrates ChemAxon’s library enumeration, property prediction, and Markush technology within a simple optimized interface, to enable powerful and fast enumeration and characterization of virtual chemical libraries.

Plexus Design features:

Plexus Mining

Plexus Mining is a solution which features ChemAxon’s naming technology. It enables the processing of diverse set of documents, pooled out from document repositories and indexed in a central database. It effectievely extracts c hemical information, such as names in various formats, embedded structures etc. from any kind of documents.

Plexus Mining features:

Plexus Analysis

Plexus Analysis is a new data analysis tool which supports some of the most popular chart types, which can uncover new patterns and correlations in your data. Plexus Analysis can dynamically visualize data sets with millions of points to highlight the big picture behind your data and the possible connections in it. At the same time, Analysis is able to keep the granularity of the data to give a detail-oriented view at the level of the individual molecules.

Plexus Analysis features:

On the following pages, you can find detailed information about each Plexus feature as well as brief tutorials about their usage.