Special commands

There are a few elements which are not part of the default configuration of MarvinSketch but you can add it via the customization dialog.

These are:

To add new elements to the default

  1. Select View <Editor Style< Customize.

  2. Choose the tab which the element will be added to. Menus/Popups/Toolbars/Keymap.

  3. Choose the option from the dropdown list in the upper panel.

  4. Click Add at the 'Contents' section.

  5. Select a Category in the opening Add commands dialog box

  6. Select an enty (a single command or a group of them) 'Commands' panel . The 'Details' panel summerizes the main feature(s) of the selected command.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Click Close or add a new command.

Lone Pair Group

The toolbar and the menu can be customized to contain the Lone Pair Group tool.

Before adding this tool disable Automatic Lone Pair calculation (Preferences<Structure) to be able to set the lone pairs manually and make sure that View<Advanced<Lone Pairs option is enabled.

Categories: Insert Lone Pair


images/download/attachments/48075737/lonePairsIncrease_24.png Increase Lone Pair

images/download/attachments/48075737/lonePairs0_24.png 0 Lone Pair

images/download/attachments/48075737/lonePairs1_24.png 1 Lone Pair

images/download/attachments/48075737/lonePairs2_24.png 2 Lone Pair

images/download/attachments/48075737/lonePairs3_24.png 3 Lone Pair

images/download/attachments/48075737/lonePairs4_24.png 4 Lone Pair

Lone Pair Group

Radical Group

You can add the Radical Group images/download/attachments/48075737/radicalSwitch_24.png toolbar to your MarvinSketch configuration.

Categories: Insert Radical .


images/download/attachments/48075737/radicalSwitch_24.png Radical switch

images/download/attachments/48075737/radicals1_24.png Monovalent radical and

images/download/attachments/48075737/radicals0_24.png Radical off

Radical Group

Free Radical Group

You can add the Free Radical Group images/download/attachments/48075737/rad4_24.png to your MarvinSketch configuration.

Categories:Insert Free Radical


images/download/attachments/13336666/rad0_24.png 0 radical,

images/download/attachments/13336666/rad1_24.png 1 radical

images/download/attachments/13336666/rad2_24.png 2 radicals

images/download/attachments/13336666/rad3_24.png 3 radicals

images/download/attachments/13336666/rad4_24.png 4 radicals

images/download/attachments/48075737/radicalSwitch_24.png Increase Radical

Free Radiacal Group

The last one increases the number of radical electrons on the atom by one. The maximum number of radicals is 4.

Manual Atom Map

Categories: Structure

Commands: Manual Atom Map
images/download/attachments/13336666/map4b.png Manual Atom Map can be added from Structure category.

Commnads: Manual Atom Map-Unmap Group

images/download/attachments/48075436/unmap_reaction240.png Unmap Atoms
images/download/attachments/48075711/map4b0.png Manual Atom Map

Reaxys Generics

This template library contains the generic abbreviation commonly used in the Reaxys database.

Categories: Insert Template

Commands: Reaxys generics

images/download/attachments/13336666/reaxys24_2.png Reaxys generics

Substitution Count

Categories: Atom Properties


Substitution Count off,

Substitution Count as Drawn

0 substituent

1 substituent,

2 substituent

3 substituent

4 substituent

5 substituent

6 substituent