Troubleshooting for Plexus Suite

  1. Reporting a problem
    If you encounter a problem with Plexus Suite, you can report it to us on our Technical Support Forum, or you can send us an email to [email protected].

  2. Obtaining the Plexus Suite log files
    In order to solve a problem with Plexus Suite, we might request additional information which can be found in the Plexus Suite log files. These log files can be found in the logs folder of the directory where Plexus Suite has been started. When you report a problem to us, please, send us all the *.log files in this folder in order to make troubleshooting faster. (The *.zip files might be requested as well in some more complicated cases.)
    You can find the following log files: cxn_ijc_ws.log, cxn_ijc_ws_client.log, cxn_ijc_ws_connection_pool.log, cxn_login.log.

  3. Troubleshooting authentication issues
    If schema cannot be initialized due to authentication issues with credentials in IJS file(s), or particular Plexus user is not able to successfully log in with supposedly correct credentials, try to turn on detailed logging by uncommenting two logger... lines in Logback configuration file. For further details see here.

    // Security - uncomment two lines below to troubleshoot problems with authentication
    //logger("", TRACE)
    //logger("", TRACE)