April 19th 2016: Marvin 16.4.18.

No changes.

April 12th 2016: Marvin 16.4.11.


  • Editing

    • Grid and guidedlines are added to the canvas to make easier the drawing.


  • Editig:

    • Sometimes the formatting of IUPAC names was wrong.

    • When the adamantane molecule was placed into the canvas from a template, the bond which was the back should have been in the front.

April 8th 2016: Marvin 16.4.4.


  • Editing

    • In some cases the selection feedback was not colored for homology groups.

    • Selection of multiple S-groups sometimes caused exception.

  • Rendering

    • Atom labels became much smaller using MolPrinter.

    • Implicit hydrogen atoms were added to isotopic carbon atoms when the carbon visibility was switch off.

  • GUI

    • The Template sorting arrows did not work.